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Our Process

How we develop an evidence-based, highly executable plan for attracting and converting search engine traffic.


1. Research

We take a deep-dive into the industry metrics. This includes business research, competitor analysis, keyword data and an overall assessment of your current state.


2. Strategic Planning

In this phase we make decisions on how to handle content, build links to the website, manage promotion strategies and implement technical enhancements.


3. Content Development

With a targeted content strategy now in place we'll begin production of high quality content to deliver on the goals and objectives.


4. Technical Enhancements

We'll update your website making use of structured data, craft title tags that deliver high click through rates, update meta descriptions and heading tags, and improve the page load speed.


5. Promotion

We'll focus on delivering high quality inbound links from a range of websites, including media publishers, industry relevant bloggers, and increase brand mentions on social platforms.


6. Measurement

We then conduct an in-depth assessment of the results and data, making additional refinements to further maximise your ranking potential.


7. Defend & Expand

We'll retain your newly earned keywords from prying competitors and focus on continued growth. The process is cyclical and restarts with a fresh campaign targeting additional keywords based on the strategic goals and vision.

We grow traffic across all devices

Mobile marketing must play a fundamental role in your overall marketing strategy and should form a big part of any long-term or short-term marketing campaign. We take a mobile-first approach, ensuring you succeed in gaining and converting traffic from any device that a user may originate from.